Host your own PancakeSwap Testnet

Preparing source

  • Clone pancake-swap-core
git clone
cd pancake-swap-core
git checkout -b factory 3b214306770e86bc3a64e67c2b5bdb566b4e94a7
yarn install
yarn compile
  • Clone pancake-swap-periphery
git clone
cd pancake-swap-periphery
git checkout -b router d769a6d136b74fde82502ec2f9334acc1afc0732
yarn install
yarn add @uniswap/v2-core@"file:../pancake-swap-core"
yarn compile
  • Clone pancake-swap-interface-v1
git clone
cd pancake-swap-interface-v1
git checkout -b v1 0257017f2daaae2f67c24ded70b5829f74a01b3c
yarn install


Install contract merger:

npm install sol-merger -g

Prepare PancakeFactory and PancakeRouter01

sol-merger pancake-swap-core/contracts/PancakeFactory.sol ./build
sol-merger pancake-swap-core/contracts/PancakePair.sol ./build
sol-merger pancake-swap-periphery/contracts/PancakeRouter01.sol ./build

Deploy PancakeFactory and PancakeRouter01

Deploy WBNB

Deploy PancakeRouter

  • New File: PancakeFactory.sol => Copy source from ./build/PancakeFactory.sol
  • Compiler tab => Select compiler: v0.5.16+commit.9c3226ce
  • Deploy tab => Select PancakeFactory -> Fill your address as feeToSetter in constructor -> Deploy

Deploy PancakeRouter01

  • New File: PancakeRouter01.sol => Copy source from ./build/PancakeRouter01.sol
  • Expand PancakeFactory deployed above -> Read INIT_CODE_PAIR_HASH -> Copy this hash without prefix 0x. Ex: bb600ba95884f2c2837114fd2f157d00137e0b65b0fe5226523d720e4a4ce539
  • Edit PancakeRouter01: Find PancakeLibrary -> pairFor function => Replace new hex by INIT_CODE_PAIR_HASH above. Ex: hex'bb600ba95884f2c2837114fd2f157d00137e0b65b0fe5226523d720e4a4ce539' -> hex’bb600ba95884f2c2837114fd2f157d00137e0b65b0fe5226523d720e4a4ce539′
  • Compiler tab => Select compiler: v0.6.6+commit.6c089d02
  • Deploy tab => Select PancakeRouter01 -> Fill PancakeFactory address and WBNB address as constructor params -> Deploy

Setup Frontend

  • Update .env
cd pancake-swap-interface-v1
cp .env.development .env
  • Update ROUTER_ADDRESS at src/constants/index.ts
  • Update support chain to testnet: src/connectors/index.ts
    • Change from supportedChainIds: [56, 97] to supportedChainIds: [97]
    • Change from 56 to 97
  • Update FACTORY_ADDRESS and INIT_CODE_HASH at node_modules/@pancakeswap-libs/sdk/dist/constants.d.tsnode_modules/@pancakeswap-libs/sdk/dist/sdk.cjs.development.jsnode_modules/@pancakeswap-libs/sdk/dist/sdk.cjs.production.min.js and node_modules/@pancakeswap-libs/sdk/dist/sdk.esm.js
  • Update v2 factory to FACTORY_ADDRESS and v2 router 01 and v2 router 02 = v2 router 01 to ROUTER_ADDRESS at src/state/swap/hooks.ts
  • Update WBNB address at node_modules/@pancakeswap-libs/sdk/dist/sdk.cjs.development.jsnode_modules/@pancakeswap-libs/sdk/dist/sdk.cjs.production.min.jsnode_modules/@pancakeswap-libs/sdk/dist/sdk.esm.js
  • VERIFY CHANGES by Find All old addresses:
    • WBNB: 0xaE8E19eFB41e7b96815649A6a60785e1fbA84C1e
    • Factory: 0xBCfCcbde45cE874adCB698cC183deBcF17952812
    • INIT_CODE_HASH: 0xd0d4c4cd0848c93cb4fd1f498d7013ee6bfb25783ea21593d5834f5d250ece66
    • Router01: 0xf164fC0Ec4E93095b804a4795bBe1e041497b92a
    • Router02: 0x05fF2B0DB69458A0750badebc4f9e13aDd608C7F
  • Deploy your own tokens
    • Deploy your own tokens and update info (token address + chainId to 97) to src/constants/token/pancakeswap.json
    • Remember update token icon with name as token address in lowercase mode to public/images/coins
    • Update support network from ChainId.MAINNET to ChainId.BSCTESTNET at src/constants/index.ts
    • Update coin addresses to your at src/constants/index.ts
    • Update src/components/Menu/index.tsx: From[CAKE.address].price to[CAKE.address]?.price ?? 0
    • Update src/hooks/useGetDocumentTitlePrice.ts: From[CAKE.address].price to[CAKE.address]?.price ?? 0
  • Custom menu at src/components/Menu/config.ts

Start and Build Frontend

  • Start
yarn start
  • Build
yarn build


  • WBNB address: 0x0dE8FCAE8421fc79B29adE9ffF97854a424Cad09
  • FACTORY address: 0x5Fe5cC0122403f06abE2A75DBba1860Edb762985
  • INIT_CODE_HASH: 0xbb600ba95884f2c2837114fd2f157d00137e0b65b0fe5226523d720e4a4ce539
  • ROUTER address: 0x3E2b14680108E8C5C45C3ab5Bc04E01397af14cB
  • Frontend address:


  • BAKE Token: 0xb289b361a633A9D2b0B39BAE76BB458d83f58CEC
  • BUSD Token: 0xE0dFffc2E01A7f051069649aD4eb3F518430B6a4
  • ETH Token: 0xE282a15DBad45e3131620C1b8AF85B7330Cb3b4B
  • USDT Token: 0x7afd064DaE94d73ee37d19ff2D264f5A2903bBB0
  • XRP Token: 0x3833B175Af1900b457cf83B839727AF6C9cF0bEe
  • DAI Token: 0x3Cf204795c4995cCf9C1a0B3191F00c01B03C56C
  • CAKE Token: 0xB8F5B50ed77596b5E638359d828000747bb3dd89

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