Create TRC20 Token on TRON network with nodejs

Create TRC10 Token on TRON network with nodejs

About TRC20:

Create TRON wallet with browser extension Tronlink:

Go to setting, update the environment to shasta

Get some TRX for development:

Prepare Token Contract:

Note: use Remix IDE to debug easily (

To Deploy Contract 

Using tronbox

npm install -g tronbox
npm install -g tronweb
tronbox init

- Open tronbox.js -> Uncomment compiler solc version
- Create a .env file containing private key
export PRIVATE_KEY_MAINNET=4E7FECCB71207B867C495B51A9758B104B1D4422088A87F4978BE64636656243
- Update 2_deploy_contract.js file
var MyContract = artifacts.require("./NCToken.sol");
module.exports = function(deployer) {

- To deploy: 
tronbox compile --compile-all
source .env && tronbox migrate --reset --network shasta

Using tronscan contract compiler

Upload contract file(s) -> Select RC20Token.sol
Select Compile -> Solidity Version: tron-0.5.8_Odyssey_v3.6.0 -> Confirm
Deploy -> Accept

Register Token to Tronscan

Select TRC20 Token -> Yes
Fill token info same with info defined in contract
Next -> Submit -> Confirm -> Accept

View token info:

Integrate token contract and transfer token with tronweb

Install tronweb:

npm i tronweb --save


Check on tronscan:

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