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When you import your icons which exported from figma, may you face this error

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=> To solve this, install sketch -> New file -> drag & drop svg file -> Expand icon (left panel) -> Select all path => Select Layer menu -> Convert to Outlines

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Then select icon (left panel) -> Select “Make exportable” (right panel) -> Select “svg” -> Export

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  • Select tab “Generate Font F”
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  • Download font, extract and copy .ttf font file to project
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put font file to project

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  • Define font in flutter project pubspec.yaml
uses-material-design: true
- assets/base/icons/
- assets/base/fonts/
- assets/app/icons/
- assets/app/fonts/fonts:
- family: icomoon
- asset: assets/app/fonts/icomoon/icomoon.ttf
  • Use
Text('hello \ue901', style: normalTextStyle(13, color: Colors.white, fontFamily: 'icomoon'),),# or with IconDatastatic const IconData home = IconData(0xe901, fontFamily: 'icomoon', color: Colors.white);

Note: e901 is the code of icon

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