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HabitApp is the first habit app to implement “habit stacking” based on the latest research discussed in James Clear’s book, “Atomic Habits”. Habit Stacking helps people develop positive habits by building on what you already do and time boxing your activities so you can develop consistency. — https://habit.app

Home page: https://habit.app/
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.habit.android
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1496602645

HabitApp powered by Post-PC Labs, LLC. It built on Flutter and Firebase for backend totally.

Say good-bye to streaks, chains, and other habit tracking techniques. With the HabitApp, you build new habits on top of the ones you already have by building a habit stack. Using the habit timer, we keep you on track when you’re performing your habit. If you ever performed a HIIT workout or used a check-list, you have a sense of how this works. By identifying what habits you want to perform, allocating how much time each habit takes, you’re allocating a time box. When you time box habits, you’ll find yourself effortlessly starting habit stacks each day and performing them automatically without using any willpower.

Want to meditate every morning, but you get distracted by checking Facebook? Create a habit stack called ‘morning routine’ that allows for 5 minutes to check Facebook, followed by a 10-minute meditation session. Every morning when you check Facebook, just start the habit stack, check Facebook, and meditate. After 15 minutes, you’re done! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to develop a daily meditation habit.

Want to read before you go to bed, but you forget as soon as you settle in? Create a habit stack called ‘evening routine’ that gives you two minutes to settle into bed, followed by a 10-minute reading session. Every night when you prepare for rest, just start this stack, hop in bed and start reading. Just like that, you’re reading every night!

The HabitApp is ad-free and is free to use with up to 7 habits and 1 stack forever. We want to help as many people as we can create new habits and we think free offer will work for almost everyone. If you’re an advanced user who needs more than 7 habits and 1 stack, we offer a paid subscription plan called HabitApp Pro for just very cheap price $9.99 per year.

If you have any questions, compliments, comments, or complaints, please contact us at [email protected] — we want to hear from you. If you’re a habit-building enthusiast, join our free newsletter at https://habitapp.substack.com.

By using the HabitApp, you agree to abide by our terms of service policy found here (https://habit.app/terms/). We respect your privacy and you can read more about our privacy policy here (https://habit.app/privacy).

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