[cryptocurrencies] Deal with a pending transaction

The problem is caused by a too-small fee for that transaction.


  • Way 1: Wait for over 48h (2–3 days) and that transaction will be rejected. 😀
  • Way 2: Re-broadcast your transaction to other nodes: 

There some nodes here: 



Case 1: If you still have a balance > 0 on your wallet => Cancel it


Summary of the solution to solve case 1: 

  1. Create a new transaction send from yourself to yourself with amount = 0. =]] 
  2. Use the Average or High gas fee suggested by the wallet app
  3. Change the transaction Nonce of the new transaction with the same value of the transaction which wants to cancel

Wallet support articles on speeding up/replacing/cancel transactions:

Case 2: Your current balance is zero so you can not make additional transactions to cancel or replace mention in Case 1. =]]

Some wallet uses their own blockchain node to broadcast that transaction. All transactions of a node go to a pool. Then miner points to the node pool and selects the transactions from the highest fee put to queue. If the transaction queue is full, the node server will revise all transactions in the pool and remove the pending transactions for a long time, and maybe can not be mined further.

  • Just wait for 2–3 days, your transaction will be dropped from the specific node. Example with https://etherscan.io
  • Although etherscan.io drop that transaction, some servers still pending it. Don’t worry. You just import your wallet (import via private key or mnemonic phrases) to another wallet app run on another node server. And create a normal transaction again to replace. Remember don’t change fee to low. =]]

Recommended wallet to re-send transaction: https://www.myetherwallet.com/access-my-wallet

  • Here, I sent another tx from MEW wallet to replace the old one
Image for post
  • After the new tx success, the old one change status to Dropped & Replaced
Image for post
  • The new one
Image for post


You should not modify the transaction fee on the wallet app. https://etherscan.io/gastracker

Recommend coin to hold

  • XRP -> Too fast (4s) and too small fee
  • TRX -> Fair in fee with Bandwith + Energy concept => Can send TRX or TRC20 token freelesss. Hight TPS (2000) and fast confirmation (2–3min)

 — -

  • Bitcoin too low and high fee
  • Ethereum better the BTC only. It was limit by tx fee which can be scale to infinity @@ 

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